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Hello! I am your friendly-neighborhood teen with a twist! I am interested in lemons, mathematics, and computer programming.

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Design+Build Websites

Are you an educator that needs a simple website for your classroom? Do you need a website made for your event or small business? Or you just want to showcase your hard work? Click the link below to work with me!

Manage Websites

Did you just get a new website but have no idea or no time to manage your site? For a small fee I will make sure your website is up to date!

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State of the Word

Hello again everyone! This year I got the chance to go to the State of the Word, which is a talk given by Matt Mullenweg each year at WordCamp US (WCUS). Here are my thoughts and views on this year’s State of the Word. Before…

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WordCamp Orlando

I had the privilege to talk at WordCamp Orlando!!!! Here is my little review on the different aspects of WordCamp Orlando.  The view point of this is coming from me, a young and slightly nerdy girl. This is. the first time that I have ever…

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Mojave Review

Today, Apple released a software update for the Mac called Mojave. Here are some of the different things that I have enjoyed, so far, with the new update.  Dark mode Honestly,  Have been waiting for this moment. On the official apple website, it gives the…

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iOS 12 Review

On the iPhones and the iPads, iOS 12 have been officially released. Here are my top 3 favorite additions to iOS 12.  Grouped Notifications The first thing on my list is grouped notifications. Instead of having all of my different notifications from different apps all…

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